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Где купить противоударные чехлы на айфон

Каждый хозяин такого желанного и всеми любимого гаджета как ipone хочет, чтобы он служил ему долго и надежно как можно большее количество времени. Одним из главных факторов долгой работы телефонов,

Где купить автомобильный держатель для телефона

Любой владелец телефона задумывается о своей безопасности. Так как при вождении запрещено пользоваться мобильным телефоном, то можно купить такой

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*** Вас с днем рождения поздравляем И счастья женского желаем. Здоровья, радости, успеха, Побольше юмора и смеха! Еще для счастья что Вам надо? Любви, тепла и шоколада. И Вашей женской красотой Пусть

Репетитор вокала
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10 tips of the photographer: how to make the perfect selfie

One gets the impression that the newborn absorbs this passion with the mother's milk, which certainly wants to perpetuate it in his arms in the first minutes after birth.

One of the reasons for this passion is the simplicity of the procedure itself. I took a smartphone in my hands, turned it on my face, pressed the right button - that's it. You can admire a loved one. However, in order to not be disappointed by the way you admire, you still need to be theoretically a little bit grounded.

10 simple tips for those who want to look at the photos nyashey *

* Nyasha is a word derived from the word "nya" (nyaa), which the Japanese imitate the meowing of a cat. The Russian language has become synonymous with adjectives "nice", "pleasant."

1. If you are worried about the quality of the selfie, get a smartphone with a good camera . Pay attention not only to the number of pixels. It is also important that the camera has optics, flash, shooting speed, how autofocus works. Advanced smartphones even allow you to set the exposure and white balance, which turns them into full-fledged cameras. A suitable gadget will help select reviews of smartphones and reviews of their owners, which abound on the network.

2. The main thing in photography is light . With good lighting, almost any camera can produce a decent quality image, the subject will be brighter, and the color reproduction is better. Conversely, if the light is low, the image may turn out dull. The flash will help here, but you need to use it correctly: position the camera not too close to the object, so as not to overexpose, and not too far so that the frame is not underexposed.

To make a good photo, pay attention to which side of the sun. Stand so that it is opposite you or on the side, and wait until the sun covers the clouds. If the sky is cloudless, find the shadow. The light in these cases will be diffused, and you will not have to squint. The face will have a voluminous cut-off pattern.

If you take a selfie indoors, stand on the side of the window facing it.

3. If the horizon is in the frame, make sure that it passes at the level of your neck or chest. It is also important that he was not overwhelmed and did not divide the frame in half.

4. Try to find some kind of framing for your portrait - window, door, arch. This compositional technique will add depth to the image.

5. Think over your image. Make a fashionable hairstyle and makeup, work with the outfit. The space for fantasy is huge. The location on the background of which you want to capture yourself works for the creation of your image. It can be any extraordinary place: the interior of a trendy restaurant, an old manor, a palace, the roof of a tall building, a sunset horizon, a beautiful natural landscape, and so on.

6. The overwhelming level of narcissism, narcissism, and stupidity, which many self-men often commit sin to, can cause allergies in critical men and a desire to parody such photos. Examples on the Internet abound. The best way to avoid ridicule is a sense of moderation and self-irony in relation to your image. Add humor to your portrait.

7. Following the selfie comes in fashion gurfy . This concept was invented and introduced into use by the Chinese company Huawei, which is promoting its smartphone to the market, allowing you to take such photos. A gurfi is a group photo, which is done on the same principle as selfies.

If you have a different brand of smartphone, purchase a telescopic monopod, on which you can attach your smartphone. With the help of this stick, as if extending your hand, you increase the angle of shooting. This will put in a frame a large company. Another advantage of the monopod is the ability to take pictures from an unusual angle, from below or from above. Most monopod models are equipped with a camera control button that is built into the grip of the device. Smartphone is controlled via Bluetooth. This greatly simplifies the process of creating selfies. There are also monopods with a separate remote control.

In some models, the connection with the smartphone is not via Bluetooth, but through a special cord that needs to be inserted into the headphone jack of the smartphone. And in the cheapest selfie stick there is neither a cord nor a button. In this model, in order to take a photo, you need to use a timer.

8. Take care of your lens. Wipe it with a soft cloth before taking it. In order not to scratch the optics, wear a smartphone in a case.

9. To improve the quality of self, use editors or special programs that allow you to quickly process images and add various visual effects. Among them are both paid and free. In many models of smartphones photo editors are built.

Here are some free programs that have gained the most popularity among smartphone owners:

- Instagram (for iOS, Android, Windows Phone). In addition to the functions of the social network on Instagram there is a built-in photo editor. This program offers 17 built-in photo processing effects.

- Snapseed (for iOS 5.1, and Android 4.0, and later) is a versatile and quite powerful program for processing, viewing and cataloging photos. It has a fairly extensive set of tools. It can create the effect of blurring the background around the subject, highlight individual plans for depth of field, includes a variety of filters that give the picture a vintage character.

- VSCO Cam (for iOS 5.0, and Android 4.0, and later) is one of the best photo editors for image processing on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. There are tools for retouching and fine-tuning the image, beautiful and high-quality filters.

- Fhotoroom (for iOS, Windows Phone). Developers offer many features in this editor. For example, setting individual frame parameters, using photo filters and various frames, creating collages. For smartphones running Windows Phone - the best photo editor.

- Cymera (for Android) - photo editor, "sharpened" for shooting and portrait processing. Equipped with advanced features for retouching faces and hair. Along with manual editing modes, there are automatic effects based on facial recognition technology. Cymera is the only photo editor in which you can transform a portrait using a template that simulates a picture taken with professional-grade portrait lenses.

- PicsArt (for Android) is one of the most advanced and powerful photo editing editors. At least among the free apps. Among his tools are not only filters and correction effects, but also opportunities for drawing, photomontage, full-fledged work in layers, creating high-quality collages.

10. The most important rule: remember about security . If in order to make the most amazing and stunning selfie, you need to take a chance and put your life in danger, turn on your mind and think about the consequences. It may happen that there will be no one to admire your own cool photos.

It may happen that there will be no one to admire your own cool photos

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